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What Does It All Mean?

I apologize if the title of this blog appears pretentious or alludes that it will delve into some sort of deep existential thinking. I am hopefully offering none of that. I am simply answering the question about what I want readers to glean from the Dark Lands series.

I am not under the delusion that my series will create a reading revolution or garner so many readers that my ascension to the Presidency is imminent. I will leave that to the more haughty writers. My desires are more straight forward and simplistic.

I want my readers to enjoy this series and have it whisk them away from this world and its problems to a world they have never experienced. I want them to care about the story and rage over the characters, both good and bad; and when they have finished the story I want them to feel that it has been worth their investment. That is my first and foremost goal and I believe it to be the first and foremost goal of all writers excepting the more self-absorbed ones I alluded to earlier.

Something else that I hope readers find, and appreciate, in my series is a strong sense of right and wrong. Sadly, our world has seemingly turned upside down, where people who would have been imprisoned decades ago are now considered pop culture heroes and those who actually take a moral stand these days are now mocked and shunned. That is why I am thrilled that series such as Harry Potter actually have a defined right and wrong, good and bad. It makes me feel like these attributes are still important. I am hoping that those who read the Dark Lands series find the same resolute values within it. God Bless.