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Here goes! Book release through

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Welcome to my new blog!

Dark LightningHello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Lyn I. Kelly, author of the Dark Lands series. I am new to the literary world, my previous works being published in comic books and periodicals. That is why a huge “question mark” probably developed when you read my name. I am hoping this blog will remove that question mark and entice you to read my series or at least the first book in the series, Dark Lands: Requiem.

I also plan on using this blog to discuss all things “writing”. Unlike other professions, the best and brightest do not always find themselves with a nice book deal and appearances around the world. It is often quite the opposite with “who you know” trumping “what you know”. I have long said that there are writers “out there” better than anyone in the history of literature, but because they do not have famous parents or they are not running for President they will not be given the chance to show their work. It is a sad reality, but not unconquerable. Yes, I will discuss my series and topics germane to it frequently, but I will also open it up to you all and try to address your questions and concerns about writing and how to best approach this (occasionally) ridiculous profession. I cannot promise I will answer every question, but I will make a concerted effort.

Ask me about my book, my past writing experiences, my passions, my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Well, do not ask me the latter. I have a really good one, but I do not want to use my blog to discuss it. I am new at social media (if you cannot already tell) so please forgive my mistakes and non sequiturs.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

God Bless.